Optimize your product feed, 

optimize your spending

Manage product feed seamlessly and optimize budget continuously for marketing channels

Trusted by 80+ brands all around the world

You’re losing money due to unfulfilled product feed.


Improved product feed data.

You may enrich your feed data by providing up-to 60 fields with marketing channels.

e.g. age_group, gender, correct value for google_product_category.


Error-free data flow to marketing channels.

If there occurs an error in your feed data source, it will break the channel algorithms - 2 week revenue loss.

e.g. change in number of products, URL not working.


Continuous budget optimization.

20% of marketing budget is wasted, because products in the feed are not labeled accordingly.

e.g. variant availability rate, buying propensity.

One platform, for all marketing channels.

Optimize budget across different products.

Check below four use cases among hundreds of use cases that will optimize your marketing spending by labeling products correctly.


Google Analytics

Exclude products which have high traffic, but zero conversion. Label high performance products as best seller.


Product Season

After importing season data for your products, you will be able to exclude off season products.


Product Stock

Import your product stock data from Google Sheet, XML or Excel. Prioritize high stock products in ads by labeling them.


Variant Availability

Exclude products, if they have low variant availablity rate at your store.